Admissions Process


We welcome inquiries for any student who may benefit from our program here at Sense-Ability School for Autism. We have a 4-step Admissions Procedure that we use when a family is interested in learning about and applying for admission to Sense-Ability.


Calling and setting up an interview with our Head of School is the first step. During this interview you will receive our application packet if you decide to apply to our school.


Return the application along with current Individual Educational Plan (IEP) (if applicable), most recent evaluation diagnosis, and any other evaluation or assessments.


The admissions committee will go over your application and records (school, Occupational, Speech therapies)  and determine if we are able to serve you and your child’s needs. At this time, we may request to have our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) administer a functional Behavior assessment, and other assessments if needed.


We will notify the family of our admissions decision.  Students who are admitted will receive a financial agreement and policy handbook.  Families of students who are not admitted at this time will receive an explanation of our committee’s decision and recommendations for other programs and services to help with specific needs your child may have.