Viewing the World
from a Different Window

We all view the world from a different perspective. Which one of us doesn’t? We may, in looking out our window have a view of a mountain. We see the trees, some snow on top. Another may see through their window the same mountain, yet from a different angle, they see a deer trail, another, a waterfall.  

This same mountain, which view is better? Prettier? More interesting? It’s all dependent upon the viewer. A mountain is a mountain. It has trees, animals, waterfalls, snow, flowers, etc. Just because we view the mountain from our own angle, it does not change the fact that it is still the same mountain being viewed.

We all also have different interests. Looking at the same mountain, we tend to look for things we like and are familiar with. I came to Montana from the San Francisco Bay area. I love the ocean, water, and waterfalls. So I would find myself looking for and at waterfalls. My husband, who hunts, would probably choose to look at the deer and elk trails, bears, and various wildlife.

I love the different views we all have. Our perspective of our world differs with each one of us. It sets us apart. Just because I prefer waterfalls and my husband prefers animals does not define us as less, wrong, abnormal, or weird. It just makes us, us. Worthy, valuable, loved, accepted, unique.

When we realize we all view the world from a different window, we come to realize the benefit that we each as individuals bring to our world, unique and colorful, beautiful and creative. My perspective is equal to your perspective.  Different, yet equal in value. Let us instead share each other’s view from the window of life.

Sharon Altschwager, LCPC
Visionary & Founder