One Grandparents' Story

After watching our very bright six-year-old grandson struggle through kindergarten, being bullied at school in every way and struggling to be understood and fit into a traditional classroom, we knew we needed to find a new environment for him.

We knew he needed a place where he could freely be himself and work with his potential. We were told about Sense-Ability School and on our first visit became very excited for our grandson.


Since being here he has:

  • Increased his attention span
  • Learned proper ways to interact with people
  • Increased his ability to stay settled from 1 minute to 20 minutes
  • He rarely runs in circles anymore
  • He waits and asks permission before he does things
  • He is flourishing academically

And as grandparents we have learned:

  • Techniques to prevent meltdowns
  • Words to say other than "no"
  • To praise him enthusiastically for his successes
  • To give him time frames to work within
  • To learn more about autism spectrum disorder and ADHD
  • A place to meet other parents/grandparents/guardians in similar situations
  • We've learned the "pre-loading" technique to help set our grandson up before a new situation or change happens

In essence, Sense-Ability School has helped our grandson become a happy seven-year-old attending school. It has helped give us tools to ensure his success at home, at school, and in public. In three short months, our grandson is happy and engaged in his education.

According to him, "I love school! My teachers are cool because they let me do science!"